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"We don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents"
Bob Ross


released May 31, 2019

All songs written, performed and produced by Enrico Pastore in his bedroom using open source software,
between August 2018 and February 2019


all rights reserved



WAKE IN JUNE Padua, Italy

Hi :)! My name is Enrico and I make music
I compose all the songs, play/program all the instruments and mix everything myself

Oh I make all the shitty artwork too

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Track Name: Safe Mode
And we can just put layer after layer, after layer of beautiful foothills
And make all kind of things happen
I think in one of the earlier shows I mentioned
We don't, we don't make mistakes
We have happy accidents
I dreamt my mind just flew away
My self, you turned it to sand, you just threw it away
The ground was falling, under my feet of
I slept, you left me in and you trapped me outside
The ground was falling, under my feet of lead
I slept, you left me in and you made me decide
Track Name: Engrams
White white stereo, moving sound
Black cat in your car, morning storm
Post slump, neon light, don't you feel drowned
White house stereo, buried on clouds
Fever glove, morning storm, wherever you lie
Track Name: Tendons
I'm glad you're staying here tonight
Glad you said that you were always right
You told me you felt unreal
So glad you're going through this phase as well
You said there's a ghost in the bed
August 11th '99
Where's your friend?
And when you told me Ben
That it was just a nightmare I had
You showed me this photograph
That road is no longer here
Is she coming now?
Running with open arms
Cutting my tendons on a veil of glass
Track Name: Neoteny
He's afraid to go to sleep
Michael, I want you to stop it with this time travel business
You're not gonna disappear!
Mom, dad, don't argue over me, it's not worth it
I'm not gonna be here much longer anyhow
He ran away from the world
It was not like he dreamed of
Stretch your mouth, your eyes dance
But what she said when your arm bled
And when you came to take me
I stayed by your side
Coming of age, you told me
Monsters don't sleep in a bed
You wanted me to go away
Well I'll stay by your side
You wanted me to go away
You're just like a nature trail
You have stolen my body
Your trunk is all packed up
Parked on a lawn in the shade
So why in the world do you want me?
I ran away from your world
It was not like I dreamed of
I stretch my mouth and my eyes dance
But what she said when my heart bled
And when I came to take you
Stay with me, it is dangerous
Coming of age, you told me
Monsters weep in your wardrobe
Track Name: Mega Cartridge
Hey whose side you're on?
Resin, conifer?
Tell me where to go, I'll never know this place
He was sighing though
She was your driving force
When your life was going out of the window
So which came first,
The pain or the cure?
You set the world apart
You never knew this place
Track Name: Blesser
I was 12 years old, depressed to the bone
You gave me money to buy some food we ate in your car
You were driving fast
You got your license the day before
The ceiling was dripping down
The boy looking for the exit
He thought it's been there all the time
But he don't really seem to notice
You were hanging the clothes out when I saw you hiding things in a film pot
But what was the man thinking?
Days had such a nice pink tint back then
I once dreamed I was my dad
and I was inside an old house
Hanging around with my friends
I think it was 1961
Track Name: Chain Hill/J2000.0
I've been around with something new
But you changed my mind, it was something cruel
How much are you gonna pay
You know it's not forever
I just can't picture that you are not aware of yourself
You know what I'm saying
Now everything will be alright
Staying put would be a blunder
When you told me I cannot realize
And that choice of mine was nothing good
In that page you wrote
"My two dear heart breakers"
I was leafing through old chemistry books
They say DNA is a bacterial thing
I don't like dancing
I'm gonna get weak tonight
Track Name: He Once Dreamed of Being a Butterfly
I sent you away in the morning light
I told you to wait for the sunny sky
Ivy covering a whole side
I'm playing the stage where the lights go down

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